Program to win at Video poker
27 Jun

Video poker is a form of 96ace entertainment very popular with players who are used to interacting within the platforms of online casinos. If we consider that the estimated payout percentage of the legal casinos never drops below 90%, we can say that the video poker winnings are good enough.

However, many players wonder if there is an application to constantly win at Video Poker, and that allows them to accumulate huge winnings. The answer is not! It would be too good if the players, without taking any risk of suffering losses, played Video Poker using software to win so much money to the point of breaking the online casino.


Inside the online casinos, there are many very interesting titles to play with and that are offered by different developers for online gambling certified by the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, which underlines their reliability and the ability to offer the highest levels of security.

If there were, online casinos would no longer exist, as they would all be bankrupt. To try to achieve good winnings and to avoid suffering losses, some precautions can be followed. Players, who are beginners and do not know anything about the world of online casinos, are advised to play Video Poker by accessing the game mode in the “For fun” version.


Usually, to access this version of the game, there is no need to download the game program, as it can interact directly within the casino platforms, using the web browser. Thanks to this game mode, even experienced users have the opportunity to test the validity of some strategies without suffering losses since fake money is put into play.

If you want to play for real money, without using your resources, users can take advantage of the no deposit bonuses made available by casinos. Remember that to cash them in; users simply register in the chosen casino.


If, however, the player wants to have a fund for the game that is more substantial, he can take advantage of the excellent welcome bonuses of 100% on the first deposit that allows you to double the resources you have to bet on online Video Poker.

According to the experts, another important precaution to follow is to choose an online video game player that uses only one deck of cards, as this would increase the player’s chances of winning.

If you don’t have enough funds, you can always reduce the token value. Another very useful behavioral trick to play both Video Poker and any other online game are to bet real money only when you are mentally clear.

Avoid betting when you are under stress or angry, under the influence of drugs, as your mental condition would adversely affect your bets’ outcome. Finally, it is recommended to manage your bankroll responsibly to avoid putting too disproportionate figures at stake, which do not reflect your real economic possibilities.

Basic Strategy – The Blackjack Table
Basic Strategy – The Blackjack Table
21 Jun

Using the blackjack tables correctly, the banker’s advantage over the player is less than 1%, up to the limit situation in which even the player can have an advantage on the bank, albeit microscopic.

All of this, of course, depends on the cards that come out, and based on them, the blackjack table indicates how to behave, that is, whether to call the card, stop, double, or split the hand.

The Basic Blackjack strategy is reliable.

The basic strategy for casinos has been designed and refined over the years by a group of mathematicians with a passion for gambling to make the game of blackjack reliable.

The basic strategy is effective and does not consist of particular ways of playing or observing certain aspects of the game. It is very simply a matter of observing a table in which all the game situations you encounter are reported and, depending on the situation in which you are, act in the manner indicated.

It may seem complicated to those who see it for the first time or impossible to memorize. Still, it is only a matter of time, the data reported are not the result of a few days of studies, but on the contrary, are based on the fundamental strategic elements that can be used for a game of blackjack.

As you can see, you don’t need any particular skills or abilities to use this method. One thing must be clear to those who use it: using the basic strategy, and you will not have the mathematical certainty of winning every hand you play. If anything, in the long run, you will have a greater number of winnings as a consequence of the fact that the odds of losing at blackjack decrease a lot compared to the odds of those who play without a method of play with mathematical foundations.

There is another aspect that must be taken into consideration when approaching a Blackjack table. You want to use a table on which the basic strategy for improving your game is shown; are you using the right table?

There is a table that is the one developed by MIT, which we can consider universal if the decks of cards are at least 3 and if the bank stands on soft 17.

In any case, there are variations of the table, one for each variant of blackjack, which can be found in the various casinos in the world, or the virtual ones of the online casinos. However, the universal table we present is a good starting point to start applying the basic strategy.

So be careful that if in the table you are playing at, for example, the dealer has a 17 in his hand and is forced to draw another card, the behavior you have to keep will be very different from what you should use if the dealer could be with a 16 as happens in certain variants of blackjack, or if instead of simply playing at a table you could play with 8 tables.

The Dozen System in Roulette: Simple And Immediate
The Dozen System in Roulette: Simple And Immediate
21 Jun

One of those roulette systems that you learn first is that of dozens when you want to turn to the game of roulette with a slightly more in-depth approach than a simple wheel turn done on impulse.

As mentioned just above, the dozen systems is simple. Still, it must always be applied with the utmost caution, because, as happens with all the other strategies available to you, it does not guarantee 100% of the success of its operation, but only serves to give your basic luck a boost.

The wheel of the “queen of casinos” is divided into three different dozen, which are precisely examined individually to build the game technique on which the Dozen system is based.

Each dozen is made up of 12 wheel numbers placed on the green table. You will have to choose two of these 3 dozen by placing your bet on each of them, the choice of the 2 dozen and the amount of the bet is indifferent to start playing with this methodology, the only thing that is required is that this amount is the same for both dozen.

Once this is done, the Dozen system will present us with 2 distinct scenarios; the first is related to our winning bets, in which case we will proceed exactly as we did initially, that is, we will repeat the same bet.

In the second case, if our bets are immediately losers, we increase our bet by gradually doubling it for the following ones.

In other words, the stakes increase when you lose and decrease instead of winning, which is why the recommended bets must never be too high, to have a certain margin of error with limited losses.

But let’s see a little more in detail how the Dozen system works in practice with an example of real betting.

Practical application of the dozen systems

To give you a simple example, if the ball lands on number 13, you bet on the dozen from 1 to 12 and from 25 to 36.

Trying not to start immediately with high bets, the best advice is to start with a minimum bet, maybe even the minimum required by the dealer, and then increase the bet slightly, but always keep the bets low and never to exceed 1- 2 Dollars per episode.

Since dozens pay you a 3 to 1 bet if you win, your balance at the end of each hand should always be an X1 positive.

This strategy is not 100% foolproof since there is always the possibility that the number 0 ( or the double zero number ) or the dozen that you have not bet comes out, but in most cases, you have a good chance of increasing your capital. In the end, cover about 66% of the wheel numbers, i.e., 24 numbers out of 36 in total.

Even the trick of the Dozens does not exempt from the main trick that should be used with any system to win; that is that the result that can be achieved should not be taken as absolutely safe, as in every system applied luck plays a decisive role.

All existing systems must be treated with extreme caution and conscience, always keeping in mind that roulette, like any other game of chance, is very addictive and can make you lose a bit the perception of what you are doing.

It, therefore, becomes paramount to put yourself in the head to carefully check your “bankroll” and all the movements that concern it after each bet, not being fooled by the relative simplicity of the Dozen system: it is a method that like all the others can do well to your gaming account exactly as it can also hurt a lot, always remember that.